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The mortgage brokering industry has many different players. Lenders, realtors, lawyers, appraisers, underwriters and technology partners are just a few of the groups that contribute to our marketplace. At Axiom Innovations, we pride ourselves in playing an integral role in the industry, by providing premium technology services to support brokers and their business activities. But it’s the Brokerages and Mortgage Agents who keep it all together.
That’s why we are introducing our newest blog series: BROKER SPOTLIGHT. The purpose is to showcase and learn from the industry’s top professionals. Understanding industry-leading practices is key to building your skills and growing your business. Achieving success and growing your business comes with a unique set of challenges. How do you deal with a growing database? How do you maintain the consistency of service your clients were used to when you were servicing fewer clients? How do you keep in touch with all those people? How are you supposed to keep all your prospects organised?
These are some of the challenges that our first featured broker faced in her business.

Joy Pike, is the first to be featured on BROKER SPOTLIGHT. Joy has been in the industry for 20 years and has been the owner and principle broker of Mega Mortgage for the last 9 years. In those 9 years, she grown a team of 30 agents who have successfully navigated the ever-changing market in the Greater Toronto Area.

As Joy’s business grew, she experienced many of the challenges mentioned above. As a result, she chose Broker Base Plus, from Axiom Innovations as the tool for her business, primarily because it handles client communication automatically. The intelligent automation in our Deal Management and Email Marketing solutions make it easy to set rules, automate responses, and trigger reminders and notifications, all to keep a mortgage business focused on its most important business. When asked about the unique set of challenges in her business, Pike noted that “the unique part of the business is solving issues for clients, it’s listening to their story, goals and needs in finding a solution that works”. By leveraging Deal Management, it’s easier than ever to keep meticulous records of each clients’ unique case. As a business owner, Pike says that Broker Base Plus and the Scarlett Payroll System has reduced her administration costs, and improved the efficiency of her communication through automated notifications and lead generation. When asked, Joy said she would recommend Broker Base Plus and Scarlett Payroll, because most importantly, it allows agents to focus on sales rather than being bogged down by administration.
While the automatic communication is the feature Pike says, is the most valuable to her bottom line, she is also leveraging the renewal reminders and automation to make sure that all her clients are being re-engaged when they reach the 12-month window prior to renewal. She credits this feature to retaining more clients consistently.We are thankful that Joy shared her story with us, and we wish her the utmost success in for the rest of 2019 and beyond!

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